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Themes in Christian Spirituality I: Awakened to God.

Updated: Jan 11

God who is Present in the World I've always relied on the kindness of strangers

There have been occasions when I have been awakened to God by the kindness of strangers. I remember having a small car accident a few years ago. People, I didn't know, came to my assistance providing anything that I needed. They didn't have to help, but they did.

Events like this tell me that God is active in the world, in all that has been created, especially humanity. I believe that people can choose, at any time, the right path in life. On there path, they chose to care for someone they didn't even know. I find these experiences peculiar, because it seems like a dream-like Deja-vu kind of experience.

You really feel like someone is directing a scene in your life, where people enter the action at the assigned time. In my heart I knew that something was telling me that I was not alone. I believe that people come into other peoples lives to be part of a divine interaction with humanity; as a way to show that we are loved and that we should love one another.

A Journey Shared

The more that I am involved in the Church, as a laymen, the more I am amazed in the help that I am receiving from others. My parish priest, who is my mentor, has assisted me with all the help that he can provide me. He has given me responsibilities that bolster my experience. He is both giving of his time and experience, and for that I am grateful.

Within our Diocese, I have been blessed with many people who share their knowledge in ministry and have spent the time to teach it to both myself and others. Because of this experience, I sense something is pushing me, driving me toward the unknown. I am awakened to God by my sense of purpose and desire to be part of a Community of Faith. I believe that the Faith Community comes together, not by accident but by design, to give praise to the God who gave us abundant life. This is truly a journey shared.


I have experienced God in deep reflection. I've lately become more aware that peaceful prayer will give me greater insight into God. My old style of prayer was much like conversing with a guardian angel or like with the Prophets of old, who would speak in an open and frank manner to God. But now I find I need some quiet time to feel the presence of the Spirit. I hope to become more contemplative. All I know is that it gives me a certain kind of joy to be deep into a Sacred Moment and awakened to the presence of God through prayer.

Awakening to God: In Union with the Divine

I am awakened to God when I come to realize that something or someone is reminding me that my life, and the situations in my life, such as my Marriage, raising my Children and experiencing other life events has a very real purpose. To be awakened to God is to realize this purposeful life. It is the realization that we are free to choose our own way in life and embrace our awakening to God, which is after all, a point of contact with the mystery, a union with the divine expressed through love of God for humanity.


Originally entitled Opening Up To God submitted to the Rev. Tom Maddix as a Master of Theological Studies course requirement 554v - Taking a Chance on God - Major Themes In Christian Spirituality St. Stephen's Theological College University of Alberta

Published on February 26th, 1997

{Revised October 25th, 2023}

© Dr. Charles Warner 2023

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