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Derek Warner (1971-2021)

Updated: Dec 12, 2023

From L to R: Myself and Derek.

A Celebration of my brother's Life

I wish to present the “Tribute” that I made for my brother Derek on October 6th, 2021. Derek passed away after a 5 1/2 battle with Cancer on October 1st . The “Tribute” or “Eulogy” was given at the Pier Community Funeral Home and was officiated according to the Latin Rite of the Catholic Church.


You know, Derek seemed to live longer than his almost fifty years. He had so many life events. Of course he worked at the Coast FM radio station, and he was in the movie “Squanto”, two things in which he was very proud of doing.

But he also took a course in welding and worked in the woods. He worked with me for a while up in Membertou and his final job was with a body removal company. It is here when his body just couldn't do it any more.

Derek liked superhero movies, especially “Superman”. He admired superhero's with a “never give up” spirit. So like his other archetypal hero, the boxer Rocky, he was not going to just lie down. He was a “True Warrior”. So he fought on; until he couldn't fight anymore.

After wondering what I could say at this moment, I found inspiration from the many messages Derek received on his Facebook page. I'd like to give just a few examples:

1) Like a brother, more than a friend. A champion. A fighter of Cancer. Fought to the end. Always in your corner Mick. Forever grateful to be your friend. 2) Derek was a great guy, we had so many laughs when we worked together. One of the toughest guys I ever known. Rest in peace my friend.

3) Derek and I go back to when he was on the Coast. We always chatted about tunes and ripped each other for choice of NHL teams. I hope he's blaring tunes somewhere up there.

and finally from the Funeral Home Website:

4) Fly high on angels wings Derek / you fought the good fight / may you rest in peace / you will surely be missed.

So as you can see Derek touched the lives of others. I believe he had a memorable impact on people and was an unforgettable part of their life experience. This was Derek's gift to us. And we see the evidence of people's appreciation, for the things Derek did or said, on his Facebook page.

Today, we say goodbye to Derek and even though we're heartbroken, there is also a very real sense of relief in the knowledge that his pain and misery are gone. He is now with his father, Charlie and his brother Paul. He is surrounded by the love of God and I believe that he is freer now then he has ever been before. And for that, we are truly thankful.

A Celebration of my brother's Life on what would have been his 50th Birthday A Tribute or Eulogy presented on October 6th, 2021 At the Pier Community Funeral Home (Holy Redeemer Roman Catholic Parish)

© Dr. Charles Warner 2021

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