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Creedal Statement: Who is Jesus for us today?

Updated: Jan 11

Write your creedal statement on who Jesus is for us today.


I believe in Jesus as a person, who empowers all that come to know His message of love and compassion. I believe in Jesus as prophet, as one who proclaims a vision of equality for all people. I believe in Jesus as Sage, as one who teaches that our world can be a better place if we serve others.


I believe in Jesus the healer, as one who cures by rejuvenating the spirit of those who lose hope for their world. It is through the Spirit of Jesus that we are able to triumph over the bondage of evil that exists in our world. It is in Jesus’ death that we are reminded of the sacrifice that must be made if evil is to be defeated.


It is in Jesus resurrection that we are reminded of the Glory of God who not only creates, but also regenerates that which was thought dead. I believe in Jesus, who became Christ, who transcends humanity through His Spirit.


Originally entitled: Epilogue:  Who is Jesus for us Today? submitted to the Rev. Dr. William Cantelon as a Master of Theological Studies course requirement for  505E - Introduction to Christian Scriptures St. Stephen's Theological College University of Alberta Published on February 28th, 2002 {Revised December 19th, 2023}

© Dr. Charles Warner 2023

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