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Our return to Western-Rite Orthodoxy

Updated: Dec 28, 2023

Dr. Charles Warner is once again a Priest in the Orthodox Archdiocese of America. On October 23, 2020, he was accepted into Holy Orthodoxy and is currently in the process of having his Holy Orders regularized in order to fully minister as a Western-Rite Orthodox Catholic Priest.

After a two-year absence, Parish of the Holy Cross has also returned to the Orthodox Archdiocese of America and will now be known as Holy Cross Western Orthodox Church. It is also once again under the spiritual protection of the Most Rev. Anthony Bondi, Metropolitan of the Holy Orthodox Catholic and Apostolic Church of America; until the day that Dr. Warner's Holy Orders are regularized.

Please pray for Fr. Charles and his Parish.

{Added note regarding this photo} It is from Fr. Charles' Ordination to the Deaconate in Ottawa on April 8, 2006, and the young man standing next to him is his eldest son Andrew who was celebrating his 20th birthday that day.


Published on April 26st, 2023

© Dr. Charles Warner 2023

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