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Welcome to Snapdragon
The Official Site
The Rev. Dr. Charles Warner

The Rev. Dr. Charles Warner
Mission of the Holy Cross
Western Orthodox Church
Sydney Forks, Nova Scotia

B1L 1E2

Tin Wall

About Snapdragon

We are a teaching ministry
on Cape Breton Island

(established 2003)

Our Mission

"To Provide Stability

Doctrine and Discipline."


Mission of the Holy Cross
Mass at the Rectory
on 116 Mo
rley Road
R.R. 1 Syd
ney Forks
Nova Scotia


Join us in the beauty of
The Traditional Latin Mass (TLM)
From the 1962
"Missale Romanum"



Please Call or Email the Rector 
if you wish to attend the weekly Mass
or gather for a Communion Service 
at a different time and location.

The Rector is also available for Pastoral visits or to help those who wish to fulfill their Sacramental needs (Baptism, Confirmation, Marriage, etc.).

Volunteer Positions Available

The offices of the Holy Orders in the Orthodox Church are grouped into two classes of orders:

  • Major orders that include the three offices of ordained clergy: Deacon, Presbyter (Priest) and Bishop.

  • Minor orders that include Tonsure, Doorkeeper, Exorcist, Lector, Acolyte, Subdeacon

    Men interested in Ordained Ministry

(Major and Minor Orders)
are encouraged to contact
Fr. Warner.



The Rectory
116 Morley Road

R.R. 1 Sydney Forks
Nova Scotia, Canada
B1L 1E2


Telephone Number



Email Address

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